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The idea for yours2share was born out of my frustration when I could not find anyone to share my second home, a cosy cottage in Suffolk, which I used every other weekend.

My escape from London was hard to justify given the cost of owning and maintaining the cottage, for just 4 days of peace a month. So I needed to ensure that it generated some income, with some kind of long term repeated flexible or fractional rental share.

Extensive searching on the web did not provide any solutions or partners. But then my father made me want to explore this further. He had always wanted a holiday home in Mallorca, but the costs are prohibitive, he did not want to be involved in commercial lets and with letting agents, and most friends already had a summer base, so were not interested in sharing. How could he find someone that he trusted, with whom he could jointly own or share a villa?

This made me realise the need for a forum where you could not only let a second home on a sharing basis, but also ‘meet’ like-minded, potential co-owners.

A few months’ contemplation and further feedback from friends and relatives, made me realise that the need was infinitely wider! Valuable and treasured assets, particularly infrequently used ones are often, where possible, shared: boats, planes and automobiles were high on the list, but paintings, horses, sewing machines, and musical instruments were just some of the others I heard about. I was not the only one that needed to make better use of resources and maximise value for money. But until now it has largely been a matter of luck whether you found the right person.

So here we are. yours2share enables you to find the right sharing partners, for a boat share, fractional ownership or joint ownership, fractional rental, whatever you want. I hope you find a route to one of your dreams. Maybe my father will find his villa in Mallorca!

Sophie Garrett
yours2share ltd

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