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Not just any partner will do
I’m delighted that yours2share is still going strong as it enabled me to find a 50% partner for my Beneteau Oceanis 50 sailing yacht currently based in the Med.

We were lucky to be approached by a lovely couple who wished to use the 50% share as a stepping stone to a larger yacht for ocean cruising and the arrangement has worked out extremely well for both of us. We have spent some time sailing together but mostly just splitting the time available and agreeing where to leave the boat for the other partner. This year the boat was in constant use from the middle of May until the end of September with one of us on board. We sailed round The Ionian then on to Croatia and up to Venice and then back down through the Greek islands ending up in Turkey, where we lifted her out for the winter. Fantastic and so much better and affordable by having an enthusiastic partner.

Not just any partner will do, however. I thought I was quite fussy about maintaining the boat so it would have been very disappointing to find a partner who left the boat dirty or failed to be responsible for making sure everything was just right for when you arrived back on your pride and joy. Not so in this case where my new partners seemed to raise the bar even higher! The boat is always left immaculate for us and we try and do the same for them.

Sadly, they are now ready to move onwards to an even bigger yacht so shortly a half share in Bouzouki will be up for sale.
Emberson December 2012

Three shares sold
You have been great selling our shares: we have sold 3 shares through your website. I only advertise on your site. (1/4 share, Sunseeker Manhattan 56, Palma, Mallorca, Spain )
Steveclarke November 2012

Bought and sold boat share
Thanks for your help. Yes, it sold through your web site, and only took 4 days to sell!! I also bought it through Y2S 4 years ago, so thanks for a great service!  (Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40, 1/6th share, Lefkas, Greece)
Strawberryflyer, February 2012

Pivotal role in boat share sale
Our buyer found us through the yours2share website, it played a pivotal role. (1/5th share, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33.1 in Ionian)
share4sail, January 2012

Speak highly
I will always speak highly of your website and the dream it helped me to achieve.
Aguacongas, January 2012

Sold a 25% share in my Fairline Phantom 48 Flybridge thanks to you & Yours to Share. Marvellous, thanks!
Andrew, Sept 2011

Wonderful web site
I have sold my last share. Thanks for the wonderful web site and service, will use again one day in the future.
Alan, June 2011

Very helpful
Thanks for all your help, very nice dealing with you, you were very helpful.
panasonic, February 2011

Second share sold
I sold a share this week in the boat section directly as a result of advertising in yours2share. This is the second time I have used your service which I have found to be excellent, previously selling a share in 2009.
treeofamber, December 2010

Sold a share
The sale in one of the shares in the Turkey boat has gone through, there are still 2 shares to be sold, so I am leaving the ad running.
Clive, July 2010

Support is appreciated
Thank you very much – you have crystallised my thoughts and concerns beautifully – your support is appreciated.
Aphrodite, April 2010

Brilliant idea
Found your website on the internet. It’s a brilliant idea and I hope it’s a great success.
Ann9086, April 2010

Thanks for your website
Hiya, just wanted to say thanks you for your website, without it I wouldn’t have found my sharer. X
Vicky R, January 2010

Delighted with your site
I am delighted with your site and your quick responses so will be recommending to friends
Richard K, December 2009

I will certainly tell my friends
What great service. Good luck with the new website. I will certainly tell my friends.
Jim F

Many thanks for your help
Jill F

What great service
Thanx Sophie what great service!
Steven D

An outstanding job
You did an outstanding job. Merci!
Ginny B

A breath of fresh air
The service you provide has come across as personal and in this “electronic faceless age” is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your attention and please always stay contactable and approachable, it is special.
Thomas R

Will definitely use & recommend your site
I will definitely be using and recommending your site – great ideas with sincere people behind them deserve support.
Julie C

WOW!! You are a wonderful genius. Have just logged onto site – best I’ve seen. Hope the results are as good – keep fingers and toes crossed
Wendy B

Better than other websites
Thanks to your website i have found the perfect person to share my flat on a weekly basis. Yours is so much better than other websites- again thank you very much for helping to make it happen
Mark C

Pleased with the response
I was very pleased with the responses to the ad as I had a number of potential interested people contact me, several of whom wanted to proceed and take up a share in my boat.
Jim E

Success story
I must send many thanks for all your efforts, and we often tell people what a fantastic website you have, if you wish to mention us on your success stories feel free.
Sue R

Wonderful program for pet sharing
I think your program for pet sharing is absolutely wonderful and needed desperately. I live in Canada and share a dog with another woman, our lives and the dog’s life are much enriched by this connection – absolutely a win-win-win.
Barbara Langford, Toronto

A brilliant concept
I think your website and the “share” concept is brilliant!
Deborah B

Friendly, welcoming site
Thanks for your friendly, welcoming email and great site!
Maura M

Thank you
Your input and advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you again!
Joe O

Great concept
I’ve been looking for a site that provides the services your website provides. The site is designed very well and the concept is right on. My wife and I have shared vacation property in areas through out the US and Mexico.
Tom M

Great idea
Such a great idea .Thank you for ALL the time effort and expense is has taken you to allow all of us to take part in such a valuable economic way of being able to enjoy more of life.
Elizabeth J

Sold boat shares
We appreciated the sale of 2 shares in our boat through your site. We shall use it again when we get round to sharing our next boat in a year or so – we think it is a great site and have recommended it to lots of people.
Marilyn and Robin S

Sold my share
I am delighted with your web-site and have now sold my share after receiving 12 enquiries

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