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Superscrimpers mentions yours2share

| Dog sharing | April 17, 2013

Another great mention for yours2share on Channel Four’s Superscripmers last Friday.

Here is more information about dog sharing and the latest list of dog shares.

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Dog sharing in the Sunday Times

| Dog sharing | April 15, 2013

I spent much of last week puzzled by a huge increase in visitors to yours2share. I knew yours2share had obviously had a great mention somewhere, but where?

On Friday I found out – The Sunday Times on Sunday 7th April 2013, you can read it here.

Dog sharing

| Dog sharing, Guidance | October 16, 2012

A personal note from Sophie Garrett, who owns and runs yours2share: “I deliberated for months about creating a section to share dogs earlier this year. I had been asked repeatedly if yours2share enables people to share dogs: it has been raised more than any other category. Here are the current dog share listings.

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Case study: Toronto dog sharing

| Case studies, Dog sharing | October 16, 2012

Six months ago Dr Barbara Langford and her husband Robert unexpectedly lost their beloved dog Charley. He was a black Cookerpoo, one of a kind and they adored him – they were three of a pack. When Charley died, they weren’t able to commit to the full responsibility of another dog at that time in their lives. Here are the current dog share listings.

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April 2009 Website sees trend for dog sharing

| Dog sharing, Press, sharing | October 10, 2012

April 2009

yours2share.com, the website that was created to help people find like-minded individuals to share assets ranging from yachts to handbags, has noticed an increase in ads for dog sharing.

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February 2008 Helping people share dogs

| Dog sharing, Press, sharing | October 10, 2012

Pioneering website yours2share has launched a new “dogs” category for people who want to share their dogs. Friends and families often informally get together to care for a dog and some people find dog minders to look after their dogs during the day. Sharing your dog with a stranger is a new idea and yours2share makes it easy to find like-minded partners.

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Guide dog bed and breakfast

| Dog sharing, sharing | September 20, 2010

One alternative to dog sharing is being a trainee guide dog boarder.  During guide dogs last few weeks of training, trainers have found that they perform best if they live in a home rather than kennels.  They are happier and respond better to training. In addition, feedback from the people with whom they board enables the trainers to understand their temperament.  This helps them a better match to their eventual blind or partially sighted owner.

The dogs need a home at weekends and in the evening, which suits many families and other people who would like a dog, but cannot commit to owning one full time.

yours2share also provides a dog share service.  Owners with a dog that needs company during the day can get together with families and people who can’t have a dog because of other commitments to share a dog.  This is commonly done within families and between friends, but can work just as well between strangers, provided that time is spent at the beginning discussing how the arrangement will work.  There are some sensible guidelines here together with the list of current dog shares.

Why share?

| Boat share, Car club & car share, Dog sharing, environment, fractional ownership, fractional rent, sharing, template contract | April 13, 2010

We all have some fairly expensive assets that we rarely use: second, third or fourth cars that sit unused outside our house for all but an hour a week, swimming pools that are used twice a week, second homes we try to visit once a month, boats we make ourselves sail six times a year to justify keeping them, motor homes cluttering our drives for fifty weeks a year, plus all the sports and gardening equipment filling our cupboards sheds in case we suddenly have the urge to lift some weights or trim our hedges.

Amazingly most people accept this huge waste of resources, hoping they can continue to justify keeping them in their expensive sheds for their annual outing.

But now everyone is reconsidering their finances: some wonder if they can generate a little income or release some capital. Can they their assets work harder for them and still be there when they want them?

What if you could find one or two like-minded people that you trust? Would you consider selling them a share or agreeing a long term rental arrangement where they use the item (say) once a month? Until recently people only found sharing partners through serendipity: at a dinner party, through a friend, or a chance advert at the newsagent.

yours2share enables you to find like-minded partners in an organized manner. Advertise for partners to share just about any asset: property, boats, aircraft, horses, dogs, gardens, swimming pools, motor homes, cars, and so on. For example, if you have a second home, you can advertise to sell a half share or to rent it for a week a month. Or if you’re looking for a second home, you can advertise for people to join you in buying your dream cottage, or find someone with a second home from whom you can rent or buy a share.

Once you’ve found your partners, you need to invest sufficient time (several hours and several meetings) at the beginning to discuss everything properly and negotiate the agreement. This process will establish whether or not you are sufficiently like-minded and compatible: consider the contract as proof of this. For property and any major financial asset you should always take independent professional legal advice (and sometimes financial and tax advice as well). If you’ve already agreed everything, then the legal checks should be relatively inexpensive.

As well as the financial benefits, sharing is also environmentally friendly. It makes much better use of resources and, because the running costs are shared, shared assets are often maintained to the highest (environmentally friendly) standard, to the pride of their owners.  Often the higher standard of maintenance means the asset is safer too.

However the greatest pleasure of sharing doesn’t usually strike people until they’ve been doing it for some time. This is the sense of community and of shared responsibility. Whenever I speak to people in private syndicates, even the most cynical, hard-nosed “I never share anything, but my wife talked me into this” men will tell me how lovely it is to have found three (say) great “friends” who love this wonderful boat/property/aircraft as much as he does, and how fantastic it is to have pals to share the management and maintenance issues with. They tell me how extraordinary this is. I smile, because it is ordinary for well designed private syndicates to be extraordinary.

Sharing in action

| Boat share, Car club & car share, Dog sharing, environment, fractional ownership, fractional rent, Landshare, Monday to Friday, pony share, Property, sharing | January 31, 2010

Do you share a house, car, motorhome, boat, aircraft dog, horse or anything else? I’m always looking for examples of sharing in action to blog about on yours2share and, if they are really good and two or more partners are willing to be interviewed, for case studies.  If you are happy to tell me about your experiences, good or bad, I’ll blog about you and include a link to your website.

Examples could be straightforward: you own a quarter of a boat, a fifth of a light aircraft, half a motorhome.  Or maybe your daughter goes to someone’s house to practice on their piano, or you swim in someone’s pool for an hour once a week.  Maybe you rent a room from Monday to Friday because you are working away from home, or you’ve found someone to ride your horse on Tuesday and Thursday in return for some mucking out.  It could be that you’ve found someone to help sort out the vegetable patch you’ve neglected for years, so you get a quarter of the produce, or you’ve found someone who is happy to look after a dog during the week when you are at work, so your children can now have the dog they have been pestering you for.

There are so many ways of sharing: nearly everyone does it they just don’t realise it.  And they could do so much more.

Contact me here, or via my twitter account.

CBC Radio interview, Toronto, Canada

| Dog sharing, sharing | October 29, 2009

I’ve just had an email from Barbara Langford in Toronto, Canada, who I wrote about in my last blog post about dog sharing.  She and Kristen were interviewed by CBC Radio in Toronto earlier this week.  You can listen to the CBC radio interview here for the next few days.

Barbara shares a cockerpoo called Charley with Kristen and is very keen to promote the idea of sharing dogs.  yours2share is very pleased to help her.

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