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Landshare – share garden or allotments

| Help, Landshare | October 24, 2012

People can share land in many ways. Most common is simply allowing someone to use a section of your garden that you don’t use, in return for some of the fruit and vegetables grown there, or in return for looking after the rest of your garden. Here are the current landshare listings.

Bigger sections of unused land can be divided into several allotments. Larger areas of land, outbuildings or stabling can be used for livestock or horses.

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July 2007 Buying property with strangers may be safer than with friends

| collaborative consumption, fractional ownership, Landshare, Press, Property | October 9, 2012

July 2007

yours2share urges people to be careful about buying property with friends. yours2share is an innovative new website which goes live this week, with a service to enable owners of property and other valuable assets to find like-minded people with whom to share.

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Landshare partners Shared Earth

| environment, Landshare, sharing | March 22, 2011

Last week Landshare announced that it is partnering with its US counterpart Shared Earth. The American site will use Landshare’s technology platform, but keep its name unchanged.  This moves Landshare into its third country, there is already a Landshare Australia.

I’m pleased to see the landsharing movement growing rapidly.  yours2share also helps people share land for growing fruit and vegetables, or keeping livestock, horses or any other use.  There is some good guidance here to help people set up the arrangement.

Sharing law

| Car club & car share, environment, fractional ownership, Landshare, sharing | August 12, 2010

I recently found a couple of great posts on Shareable.net by Janelle Orsi about how greater sharing will need changes to the law.  Lawyers will also need to develop the contacts and frameworks for many aspects of sharing.

The first piece is called the birth of sharing law and examines the wide range of sharing initiatives that people are now trying out.  As these become increasingly mainstream, some will definitely require some amendments to the law.  The second article looks at some specific areas that lawyers are examining, particularly things like:

  • how to get small amounts of funding from large numbers of people, say 200 people investing $100 in a cafe, without needing to go through a complicated compliance process
  • how to handle the taxation of bartering
  • how landsharing works on a large scale
  • who is the employer and who is the employee in a worker-owned co-op

So far, goodwill, sensible discussion before starting to share, and the small scale of sharing means has been little litigation.  But as the sharing concept grows, the laws and contracts governing the arrangements need to evolve.  I think they will.

Sharing, community and quality of life

| Boat share, Car club & car share, environment, fractional ownership, Landshare, sharing | February 5, 2010

When I started yours2share, I didn’t realise that I was starting a social enterprise, I just wanted to help people share stuff. As the number of private syndicates that were helped by yours2share increased, I also became aware that if as the number of partners in a private syndicates increases substantially, it becomes a co-operative.

Over time yours2share has created a well established forum for people sharing property, boats and aircraft. It also enables people to share land, gardens and allotments, for food and vegetables as well as animals such as hens, goats, horses, and bees. We’ve also helped people to share cars as informal car clubs: buying a car between three and six people in a street or village. The principles of sharing, the issues that must be agreed to make a sharing arrangment work are basically the same, whether you are sharing a £1 million yacht or a vegetable plot at the end of the garden.

The last year I moved to a small town in south Norfolk, a rural corner of East Anglia and I’ve become immersed in a rural lifestyle and economy. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using the social networks much more, particularly Twitter, and all of the strands of yours2share and my lives, seem to have come together in the guise of the Plunkett Foundation and various projects in which it is involved.

The Plunkett Foundation promotes and supports co-operatives and social enterprises in rural communities worldwide. One of the Plunkett Foundation’s projects is the lottery funded MakeLocalFoodWork, where it works with a range of other major partners including Co-operativesUK, the trade association for all types of co-operative enterprise throughout the UK, and the Soil Association which works to improve the public’s understanding of the impact of different methods of food production on health and the environment.

The MakeLocalFoodWork project is a collection of projects all designed to ‘reconnect people and land through local food increasing access to fresh, healthy, local food with clear, traceable origins’.

If you want to know more about supporting rural communities, do visit the Plunkett Foundation’s website, and if food issues interest you, have a look at the MakeLocalFoodWork website.

If you just want somewhere to “grow your own” or would like someone to help you to make use of your garden, here are yours2share’s landshare listings and landshare guidance.

Sharing in action

| Boat share, Car club & car share, Dog sharing, environment, fractional ownership, fractional rent, Landshare, Monday to Friday, pony share, Property, sharing | January 31, 2010

Do you share a house, car, motorhome, boat, aircraft dog, horse or anything else? I’m always looking for examples of sharing in action to blog about on yours2share and, if they are really good and two or more partners are willing to be interviewed, for case studies.  If you are happy to tell me about your experiences, good or bad, I’ll blog about you and include a link to your website.

Examples could be straightforward: you own a quarter of a boat, a fifth of a light aircraft, half a motorhome.  Or maybe your daughter goes to someone’s house to practice on their piano, or you swim in someone’s pool for an hour once a week.  Maybe you rent a room from Monday to Friday because you are working away from home, or you’ve found someone to ride your horse on Tuesday and Thursday in return for some mucking out.  It could be that you’ve found someone to help sort out the vegetable patch you’ve neglected for years, so you get a quarter of the produce, or you’ve found someone who is happy to look after a dog during the week when you are at work, so your children can now have the dog they have been pestering you for.

There are so many ways of sharing: nearly everyone does it they just don’t realise it.  And they could do so much more.

Contact me here, or via my twitter account.

Sharing allotments on Pigeon Watch

| Landshare | January 29, 2010

yours2share gets mentions and links from many and varied forum posts, but I had to have a look at this forum when I saw the link on the stats pages: PigeonWatch.  The forum entry is actually about sharing allotments, but I was intrigued to find this forum devoted to pigeon shooting.   With nearly a million posts this is a thriving forum.

As the post indicates, yours2share has lots of ads for land sharing (garden sharing or allotment sharing) as well as guidance.

Garden Partners

| environment, Landshare, sharing | July 8, 2009

Here’s another great garden sharing scheme: Garden PartnersAge Concern and Wandsworth Council have got together to enable elderly people who are struggling to cope with their gardens to find people who want to find somewhere to grow fruit and vegetables.

Many elderly people worry about the fact that they can’t look after their gardens, particularly if they used to be keen gardeners.  At the same time there are so many people waiting for allotments and looking for somewhere to grow some fruit and veg. It is also great for societly as a whole if people help each other and find mutual benefit.

I’m beginning to think the the greatest benefit of sharing is the development of community, rather than the economic and environmental benefits that tend to drive people to sharing in the first place.  But it’s taken me a couple of years building yours2share to realise this.

I’m particularly pleased to see that Wandsworth is involved in this scheme.  I used to live there and my father worked there for many years.  If they have got involved, then the scheme is probably very well thought through and has commitment behind it.

Here are yours2share’s current listing of garden shares wanted and available.

Growing your own

| environment, fractional rent, Landshare, sharing | July 3, 2009

I’ve just found that yours2share has climbed to third place in the listings if you search on Google for landshare, and following a few links as you do, found an enormous amount of information on allotments, growing your own fruit and veg, organic produce and sustainable food.  I suppose that given “Britain is a nation of gardeners”, I shouldn’t be surprised, but nonetheless there is a the huge amount of useful information here.

So I thought I’d point out the ones that looked the most interesting/comprehensive to me:

For everything to do with allotments, National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners

Promoting everything friendly food, the Soil Association

All about organic food, Garden Organic

For city farms and community gardens, Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

Sustainable food at SustainWeb and in particular its list of projects

And there are loads more, but these seemed to me to be the central hubs for everything else.  I’m going to have to stop now, I’ve been buried in these websites for a couple of hours.

Here are the current garden and allotment sharing listings on yours2share.

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