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July 2007 Making sharing homes, boats and aircraft easier

| aircraft share, Boat share, collaborative consumption, fractional ownership, Press, Property | October 10, 2012

Innovative website yours2share goes live this week, with a service that enables owners of property, aircraft, boats and other valuable assets to get more for their money.

More people than ever own or aspire to own a second home, boat, aircraft, sports car, mobile home, fine art or a whole range of valuable or luxury items. So a new trend is emerging – fractional ownership or fractional renting. Both involve sharing some (or all) of the asset, some (or all) the time. yours2share makes it easy for people to do this.

Sharing allows owners to make better use of the asset, particularly if it is infrequently used, and enables aspiring owners to gain access to a slice of luxury or convenience that would otherwise be unavailable. People have increasingly complex lives and finding a like-minded partner and appropriate ownership solution can be tricky. Fractional ownership and fractional renting with yours2share overcomes this.

For example, Graham is looking for partners to buy a fisherman’s cottage, together with a new Beneteau Oceanis 50 yacht moored outside, in Port Grimaud, France. He’s found two partners already and is looking for one more. Four owners living and working normal lives can effectively use the cottage and boat virtually whenever they want, so it will feel like they own them outright, but for a quarter of the cost.

Caroline is looking for one or two partners to rent a cottage on her Wiltshire manor estate for up to nine months of the year. She needs to use the cottage herself for several weekends of the year and doesn’t want to let the cottage for holidays, but instead find one or two like-minded individuals, couples or families that want a fabulous country cottage for weekends and holidays for a fraction of the cost of buying or renting a permanent second home.

As these arrangements grow in popularity, fractional ownership and fractional renting could transform the market for luxury and valuable goods. Yet the key to growth of sharing is enabling compatible candidates to find each other.

Until recently there was little information for people contemplating a sharing arrangement and few ways for potential sharers to find each other. Now, yours2share helps people to find partners with whom to share a property, aircraft or boat and offers innovative ideas on sharing, along with guidance to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

Like-mindedness is essential for successful sharing and this is yours2share’s key objective: matching like-minded partners to share any asset in any location. The website provides tools and advice to help potential partners find each other and negotiate a suitable contract.

“Once people realise that with a little care they can find like-minded partners and share virtually any valuable asset with minimal inconvenience, I believe that the range and number of fractional agreements will grow rapidly,” says yours2share founder Sophie Garrett

Notes to Editors:

Fractional ownership: means that more than one person owns the title of a property or other valuable asset. Unlike timeshare, the owners collectively own the property title rather than just the right to use it. There are already several major fractional ownership property schemes; particularly in the USA and a few in the UK. Most schemes are highly exclusive and, if they offer the type of property the buyer is looking for, they are an ideal way to become a fra ctional owner. Before the launch of yours2share, there were few options for most potential fractional buyers.

Contact: Sophie Garrett on +44 (0)208 133 1234

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