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Monday to Friday info for tenants

| Help, Monday to Friday | October 24, 2012

If you are currently commuting long distances, weekly commuting or overseas commuting, or contemplating any of these, consider renting from Monday to Friday.

More and more landlords are offering weekday lodgings to people working away from home or as an alternative to a lengthy commute. Usually weekday lodgers take a room for four nights a week, Monday to Thursday, but there are many variations. These include:

  • A room for three nights a week, usually Monday to Wednesday, where you work at home on Fridays.
  • A different two or three night a week combination.
  • If you are based away from home and also travel extensively, you could rent a weekday room but only use it for (say) ten nights a month, giving you a base where you stay most frequently.

If you are overseas commuter you are probably staying in a hotel near your work. You could be weekly commuting from abroad, or working for every other week, working from home the rest of the time. Another common arrangement, is to work ten days and return home for four days, which translates to nine nights continuous (often Tuesday night to a week on Wednesday night) and then five nights at home. Whilst these arrangements are not strictly Monday to Friday, they are still attractive to many weekday landlords.

  • Working one week abroad, the next week from home.
  • Working one week a month abroad, working from home the remainder of the time.
  • Work ten days abroad and returning home for four days, which translates to nine nights continuous (often Tuesday night to a week on Wednesday night) and then five nights at home. This isn’t strictly Monday to Friday, but this arrangement can be very attractive to some landlords and lodgers.

Circumstances that prompt people to consider being a weekday lodger

If you identify with any of the following, then consider a Monday to Friday letting.

  • I’m working away from home on contract
  • I’m fed up with a horrible commute every day
  • I’m wasting days cramped on a train or queuing in my car, just getting to work
  • I can’t afford the costs of commuting any longer
  • I’m being asked to relocate a long way from home and it’s a good career opportunity
  • I have a great chance to cover someone on maternity leave, but it’s too far to commute
  • I’ve been offered an excellent secondment, but it’s based a long way from home
  • I want to work from home to reduce my travelling, but my employer won’t allow this
  • I’m suffering from exhaustion and stress due to my commuting but I can’t work from home
  • My partner and I have great jobs, but they are miles apart. Either or both of us has to commute long distance.
  • I need to relocate but I can’t move my children from their schools
  • My long commute means that both my work and family relationships are deteriorating.
  • I’ve tried staying in hotels during the week, but I hate the isolation and endless meals in the same mediocre restaurants
  • I never see my family

The advantages of renting a room from Monday to Friday

  • Lower cost than commuting (usually)
  • Lower cost than equivalent hotel or bed and breakfast (almost invariably)
  • Lower cost than renting or buying a second home (definitely)
  • Lower cost than renting a room in an equivalent shared house permanently
  • Less tiring, so your work will be better, and you will enjoy the weekends with your family and friends more.
  • Opportunity to work a bit longer during the week, so you don’t have to take any work home at weekends.
  • Friendlier than staying in a hotel
  • Less isolated than staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast
  • Even better if you can combine weekday lodgings with some working from home.
  • You can cook for yourself rather than live on take-aways or eating in restaurants.
  • Monday to Friday landlords are often flexible and some allow lodgers to use the room for occasional weekends.

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